About Us

A full-service clothing development and production management studio bringing your apparel ideas to life.

Our design and sourcing studio is based in Norwich where we handle all of our client orders and communications. Our mission is to turn every client’s idea into a well-selling product.

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We recognise that every client is unique and so are their collections, which is why we offer a bespoke and personal service all under one roof. We believe these elements have led to our success as we place great value into building individual client relationships as well as the actual design, performance and quality of the product. We have created all types of garments from hospital scrubs to tennis apparel, fitness collections, the latest athleisurewear and even the Great British rock-climbing teamwear for 2019.


Our factories are based in Europe which gives us the flexibility to produce small quantities in a quick turnaround. We can really push the boundaries of the latest design and manufacturing

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technologies and supply the latest fabrics thanks to our connections with many suppliers in Europe. This allows us to source all kinds of fabrics and materials needed to develop any type of clothing range. We also have a sourcing office in Sofia which acts as our shipping hub and in charge of all logistics post-production.

Conscious Production

We believe that designing a fashionable collection is essential, but the process of production is more important to ensure the final product is of high quality. We pride ourselves in

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creating high quality clothing as our factories are extremely meticulous when it comes to attention to detail and precision. We are strong supporters of mindful consumption, meaning that all our garments are constructed to last as fast fashion is not lasting fashion. This mindfulness also extends to the workplace environment as we strongly support working women and are proud to employ all female staff in the UK and in our factories across Europe. People are one of the most important assets of any business which is why we provide conscious production, whereby all employees are fairly paid and offered flexible hours.

Our Story

In 2015, Veronika Guardi launched a small fashion design studio which has quickly turned into the UK’s leading clothing design and manufacturing agency with factories based in Europe. It began with the sportswear industry as Veronika created tech packs and produced them using the family manufacturing business. It quickly became apparent that there was a gap in the market to connect the brand with the supplier as fashion designers and suppliers remained separate in the production process. Veronika decided to combine these two concepts of production together to form a full-package design and manufacturing service – something that no one else offers in the UK. In the last four years Veronika has worked with a lot of start-ups and existing premier brands who wished to turn their creative ideas into reality. Today V House of Apparel creates collections for upcoming and existing brands globally including those based in New York, California, London and Oslo to name a few.
Veronika Guardi
Veronika Guardi
CEO & Founder V House of Apparel

I am the main creative thinker and problem solver behind VHA, but I also believe that ‘without a team there is no dream’ and I’ve loved building a small but very hard working team around me. My main responsibilities are design, communicating with our clients and overseeing the whole process all the way through to the final product.

I am a qualified fashion designer with experience working in a diverse range of design roles, from activewear to casual womenswear. This is where my passion for our company to offer such a wide range of products comes from. I love mixing fashion with technical fabrics and details, especially pushing the boundaries of clothing. Evolution is so important in our constantly changing society with trends and technology.

My style is versatile. I love wearing extravagant clothes for special occasions, but you can also find me in a super casual and comfortable outfit on an average day at the studio.

The three things I couldn’t live without at work are Adobe Illustrator, fabric swatches and coffee!

Harriet Goodings
Harriet Goodings
Freelance Designer

I am a Freelance Designer who assists in designing a collection and/or tech packs.

After graduating from UCA at Epsom in 2010, I moved to London and worked as a Junior Designer for a high street supplier, this role then progressed into assisting the head of design for Three Floor (an online womenswear brand) and subsequently becoming the companies Brand Manager and Senior Designer. I was incredibly lucky to be able to travel to Guangzhou, China to visit factories and fabric markets which is invaluable when learning what can be achieved on a budget.

I later launched my own petwear brand of dog leads and collars, which has evolved into my now freelance business. I no longer produce the pieces myself, but I can design a range of pet items for you too!

My style in three words would be tired, mum, chic.

The best thing about working with V House of Apparel is the variety. One week it’s pyjamas for dogs and their humans, the next it’s kids swimwear.

The three things I couldn’t live without at work are my phone, laptop and vogue.com.

Molly Hatch
Molly Hatch
Marketing Manager
Production Manager

Before I joined the VHA team I was a Production Manager at a clothing factory in Bulgaria for Evromoda, which makes collections for a big French lingerie brand called Lise Charmel and their daughter brand Antigel. The main manufacturing I’ve looked after is the manufacturing of collections, sampling and bulk for retail.

As a Production Manager, I am in charge of what we call the critical path, which is the timeline of a clothing manufacturing where pretty much anything can go wrong. But I am the person that makes sure nothing goes wrong, which is not easy as a lot of people are involved in the whole process. Smooth production is what every Product Manager likes to hear!

At the moment, I spend the majority of my time at our HQ in Norwich filling out spreadsheets with order quantities, sizing breakdowns, clients feedback, comments on samples, agreed fabrics, alterations etc. Then, once a month I travel back to Bulgaria to make sure everything is going smoothly over at out factory.

The three things I couldn’t live without at work are Excel spreadsheets, a tape measure and a calendar.