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Activewear Summer Festival Trends 2019

Activewear summer festival trends 2019

The notorious music festival Coachella has set a high bar for summer 2019 festival trends; from biker shorts and sequins to neon and transparency. Here is the low-down of what Coachella had to offer and how activewear is taking on these festival vibes.

Fast Fashion's Dirty Little Secrets Blog Post

Fast fashion’s dirty little secrets

Did you know that fashion has 52 micro-seasons in just one year? That’s approximately a different season every week! The days of just two fashion seasons a year (summer and winter) are long gone, but why do we have so many now? Fast fashion is the reason why.

Activewear Trends Autumn_Winter 19_20

Activewear trends autumn/winter 19/20

As the seasons change, so do the trends and this has a big impact on launching your own activewear collection or simply deciding what clothes to buy. We recently went to London fashion week and got an inside look into what’s going to be hot this Autumn/Winter 19. From bold retro statements to maxi pockets and mesh, fashion is as daring as ever.