How To Launch Your Own Activewear Collection

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Have you ever thought about creating your own activewear collection, but don’t know where to even begin? At V House of Apparel, we help you design, develop and manufacture bespoke collections – bringing your apparel ideas to life.

Activewear Collection Design and Manufacturing Process

There are many elements that go into designing and making an activewear collection. In the very early stages, you’re bound to have lots of ideas floating around and it can get quite overwhelming. The best thing to do first is simply write them down – presentation and neatness kind of goes out the window here as your ideas will literally spill onto the page.

With every new business you have to ask yourself a few key questions; in this case what type of person do you want to wear your clothes? Do your garments fit a specific purpose? Is there anything similar already out there on the market? A great way to answer these questions is through drawing a portfolio of your ideal customer. This is a very useful visual tool and really comes in handy for the design stage of the process.

Activewear Collection Customer Profile

So, after you’ve figured out the who’s, what, why and where, the only question left is how? This is where we come in. V House of Apparel is a fashion design and manufacturing studio, specialising in activewear and athleisure. We bring your activewear apparel ideas to life and this is how we do it:

Step 1: Initial Design Briefing

This is where you tell us all your design ideas and discuss what you’re looking to create. Photos of existing activewear garments you like are a helpful addition to indicate the desired style and specific measurements, or even a very rough sketch if it’s something completely new and innovative.

Step 2: Trend Research and Mood Boards

Once we have a general idea of the proposed activewear collection, we can start researching different colour palettes, cuts, shapes and specific garment elements.

Activewear Collection - mood board

Step 3: Tech Packs

We then take all this information and create the tech pack. This is an important element of the design process and needed for every garment. Teck packs are essentially the blue print of your activewear collection and enable the process of manufacturing to run smoothly. In every tech pack there is a visual design, which is a hand drawn and/or digital sketch using Adobe Illustrator, and a spec sheet containing all the garment details, measurements, artworks and colour options. Remember you don’t have to stick to one colour option, you can have as many as you want. This is such a great way to add variety for your first activewear collection, but just make sure they are all in the same style.

Activewear Collection - Tech Packs

Step 4: Fabric Selection

Now the visual design has been created, it’s time to choose the fabrics. You might be wondering what type of fabrics should I use? Where can I source them from and how much should I order? We take care of all of that for you. You just tell us what type of fabrics or material characteristics you are looking for and we’ll do the rest. Fabric sourcing is an essential part of the design process and at V House of Apparel we want to ensure that the final product is always of good quality.

Activewear Collection - Fabric Selection

Step 5: Pattern Making

With the fabric chosen, pattern making can now begin and this forms the basis for the fitting stage. We can either use the measurements already agreed in the tech pack or you can send us some samples that you like the fit of and we can use them as templates to ensure that you are happy with the overall sizing.

Activewear Collection - Pattern Making

Step 6: Finding a Manufacturer

So now you have everything ready to go – design, fabric, sizing – manufacturing is the next point of call. Finding a garment manufacturer can be a tricky process as you want to find one that you can both trust and rely on. We take all that hassle away for you as we have our very own manufacturing which is a family run business founded in 2003. This not only makes it easier for us, but it’s also easier for the client as garments are both designed and manufactured by the same company. We take care of every step in your activewear collection journey and ensure that every vision is brought to life exactly how it was imagined.

Step 7: Sample Creation

Before mass manufacturing, custom made samples are produced to show the client and discuss the main elements of design and fit. Any alterations can then be made from the clients feedback – except fabric changes as the fabric has already been approved, sourced and purchased by this stage.

Activewear Collection - sports bra

Step 8: Manufacturing

Once the client is happy, mass production can then begin. In terms of manufacturing, quantities are a major consideration. For our factory we require minimum quantities of 150 pieces per design per colour with at least 3 different garments per order. But, if you’re using another factory don’t forget to ask about their MOQs, lead times and available fabrics!

Step 9: Final Product

The last stage is the best, as you get to see the whole activewear collection right in front of your eyes and now ready for the marketing stage. This is the magical moment where everything comes together as your activewear apparel ideas are brought to life. From just a simple sketch to seeing and physically holding the real thing, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Activewear Collection - Marketing

So, don’t put off your dream of creating your own activewear collection any longer. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and click here to begin your activewear brand journey with V House of Apparel.

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