Do you want to know what it’s like to start up a business from scratch? We’re giving you an inside look into starting up a fashion business and creating a clothing collection for the first time with TAKAII.

TAKAII is one of our amazing clients who we’ve worked with over the past several months, creating figure enhancing jumpsuits, made from the highest quality performance materials sourced in Italy.

We interviewed the founder of TAKAII, Thakane, to get her take on the whole experience.

A brief introduction of who you are and your brand, values and philosophy

Hi! I’m Thakane, designer and founder at TAKAII. TAKAII came about as a dream of mine to start my own brand and design my own activewear. I have always been very active and over the years of going to the gym I noticed that there were few to no sportswear options with high design consideration which looked good on all body shapes.

I noticed that women compromised on their activewear with a large baggy T-shirt to cover up and I wanted to offer something that could provide support, shape and coverage without compromising on style. TAKAII strives to support all women in their active lifestyles. Health is not defined by size or weight and that’s why we design premium activewear for all figures!

What type of garments have you created and who are they aimed at? Who can wear your

I design high quality, durable jumpsuits with functional details and timeless designs. As a designer, functionality, aesthetics and quality are some of my pet peeves! I pledge to focus on small collections produced in a sustainable way by V House of Apparel and look forward to producing my next collection of exclusively recycled materials.

TAKAII is a brand for all women, all walks of life, all shapes, all fitness levels, all colours, all ages. We believe in health and not in perfection and that is why we feature ‘real’ models – real women who have been a part of the journey of making the brand, TAKAII, a reality. I focus on jumpsuits because personally, I just love how it takes the stress out of mixing and matching, you always look put together! Special details such as a built in top or bra, inlays for bust padding and integrated pockets make my jumpsuits more practical.

TAKAII clothing

What makes your brand unique?

What makes my brand unique is the attention to what women need from sportswear. TAKAII aims to flatter and support our wearers in any fitness goals. Be it a Barré course, Spinning or Yoga, TAKAII jumpsuits can offer you bounce-control, squat-proofing, cellulite-control, pockets, coverage, compression, padding inlets… you get the idea! We strive to include elements that are important to different body shapes different purposes.

When did you know was the right time to start your own business and create a clothing collection for the first time?

I think if you are passionate about what you are doing then NOW is always the right time to start. After having worked in many jobs and feeling like I’m not reaching my potential, I knew it was my time. You have to be willing to reflect on yourself and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to spot trends and spot opportunities, but a business will challenge you more than you know. Once you start putting consistent actions into your dreams, the universe will help you to manifest them.

What’s been the best thing about creating a clothing collection?

The best thing about creating my very first collection, EDITION ONE, is definitely the reward of seeing a concept manifest in physical form. It wasn’t an overnight process, but I was so thrilled with the final product!

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt throughout the whole process?

Throughout the whole process the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt have been about communication, trust and initiative. A collection, although designed by you, is not a one man show! There have been some special people who have helped me along the way, friends Arezu, Lolo, Nadia, Alexa, Laura, Maike, Liz, Whitney, Andrea, Esther, Navina, Victoria, Carlo, Eddy; have all been a part of this journey and I am so humbled and grateful for peoples enthusiasm! Sharing my vision has been my most important teacher.

TAKAII clothing

What’s the one advice you would give someone who wants to start their own business and create a clothing collection?

Make sure that you have open, clear, regular and honest communication with your producers! This is why I will be producing my future collection with V House Of Apparel. Veronika has been a dream come true to work with!

What are your plans for the future of TAKAII?

My plans for TAKAII are to keep producing in small quantities, use only recycled fabrics, and grow internationally. I am passionate about wearable technology and the future of healthcare and I would love to see how wearable technology could shape the Athleisure Market.

TAKAII clothing

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