We are a fashion design and production agency. We bring new brands to life and breathe new life into existing ones.

Fashion Design

We create tech packs for each garment containing the most important elements of the design to ensure a smooth development and production process. We offer trend research, create mood boards and design stylish collections from scratch with a focus on your target consumer and desired launch date.


Development and Sourcing

We work with fabric suppliers in Europe. Sourcing fabrics is not difficult when you know where to look. We have the contacts to supply any kind of fabrics from organic cotton to technical materials. We have our own pattern making facility and can create digital patterns graded in all sizes.



We are at the forefront of technical and design innovations in garment manufacture. We manage production from concept to shipping and ensure high quality. Our design office is located in the UK and our manufacturing facilities are all based in Europe. We offer competitive production and low minimums – MOQ 150 PCS – for brands that have already designed their collections as well as those who require the whole process.

Design Tech Pack

The first stage in the design process is a specification sheet which is a visual representation of what the garment will look like. This stage can include different colour options, print artworks and a front and back view of the garment if needed. 

Design Tech Pack

The next stage is a specification sheet that shows all the garment details, such as trims, fabrics and sample or manufacturing order forms. The order form contains information about the desired sizes, quantities, final fabric composition and colours.  

Design Tech Pack 

We can also add a sizing chart with the main garment measurements as part of your tech pack. Alternatively, you can send us sample of an existing clothing item that you wish to base your measurement upon, which we can use as a pattern template.  

Fabric Sourcing

We have access to all kinds of fabrics and can source the appropriate ones to accompany your tech pack. For this specific sports bra, we have used 90% polyester and 10% elastane, which allowed for a good percentage of stretch, it's soft, non see-through and durable. This type of fabric can also be sublimated in custom prints and dyed in specific Pantone colours. 

Pattern Making

Patterns are digitally drawn based on the tech pack and measurements, traced onto the fabric and a CAD system then cuts it out following a pattern outline. For sampling, we print and hand cut the fabrics to make a single piece of clothing. 


We make fitting/pre-production samples for all of our orders and produce custom made samples without the need to permit a manufacturing order. Fitting samples are important to discuss the main elements of the design and fit, then make any necessary alterations after the clients feedback. At this stage we can make any required changes apart from the fabric.  

Final Product

The final product is complete and ready for marketing. We love seeing the final product from our client's photoshoots as we bring your apparel designs to life. 

Contact Us now for pricing per design and full collection product development packages. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and work around your budget.